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Welcome to MySpawn's rules page!

We are in an experimental phase and that means that we make up rules as we go along right now.
Use the button below to make a ban appeal.
Frequently Asked Questions (7)

You need to be whitelisted to join the server. This server is an invite only server.

Right-click on your bed to set a respawn point. Use /home to go to your respawn point.

The server is currently running on Java 1.19.1, but we support clients with version 1.10 up to the latest version.

There is no land claiming for players, but the server has a world guard that can be used by admins to rollback any griefing.

Currently our server only support Java Minecraft.

The survival world is the default size of aprox. 30 million blocks in each direction from spawnpoint.

No. Griefing is not allowed.